Front Matter

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Property Description
permalink Sets the output target of the current template. Template syntax is allowed.
permalink: /stories/{{page.fileSlug}}
layout The layout to use to render this template. Templates are found in the _includes folder.
layout: layouts/story.njk.
pagination Enable to iterate over data. Output multiple HTML files from a single template.
 data: collections
 size: 1
tags A single string or array that identifies that a piece of content is part of a collection. Collections can be reused in any other template.
 - stories
 - avocadoes
date Override the default date (file creation) to customize how the file is sorted in a collection.
date: 2012-05-18 16:40:46
templateEngineOverride Specify the template engine on a per-file basis. The template engine is usually configured through its file extension or specifed globally with the markdownTemplateEngine and htmlTemplateEngine configuration options.
date: 2012-05-18 16:40:46.
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